About me

I'm a 5th year Ph.D candidate at Ohio State University advised by Professor Han-Wei Shen. I enjoy creating efficient AI/ML solutions for challenges in computer graphics.

In my free time, I love playing tennis, riding my bike, flying my FPV drones, and playing Rocket League.

What I'm doing

  • OSU

    Ph.D. Candidate

    In my final semester, concluding my thesis on adaptive neural models for large-scale scientific data representation.

  • Adobe icon

    AI/ML+Graphics Research Intern

    At Adobe, I'm part of a team that implements recent research within the suite of Adobe 3D software.



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  1. Ph.D. - The Ohio State University

    2019 — 2024

    Ph.D. Degree with Professor Han-Wei Shen as my advisor within the GRAVITY group.

  2. B.S. - The Ohio State University

    2015 — 2019

    B.S degree with a focus in Computer Graphics.


  1. AI/ML Research Intern, Substance 3D - Adobe

    May 2024 — Aug 2024

    Integrating AI/ML research with Adobe software.

  2. Graphics Research Intern - Tencent Pixel Lab

    May 2023 — Aug 2023

    Research toward a periodic kernel as a primitive for splatting for efficient scene reconstruction.

  3. Graduate Research Assistant - Ohio State University

    Aug 2020 — Dec 2024

    Designed adaptive neural models for efficient parameter use on large-scale scientific visualization problems.

  4. Graduate Research Aide - Argonne National Lab

    May 2020 — Aug 2020, May 2021 — Aug 2021, May 2022 — Aug 2022

    Developed hierarchical super resolution and neural stream surface solutions.

My skills

  • Python, PyTorch, CUDA, Pybind
  • Volume Rendering, NeRF, Gaussian Splatting, Rendering Pipeline, 3D reconstruction
  • Generative AI - Stable Diffusion, GANs
  • LLMs - Transformers, LLAMA


Currently located in San Francisco if you'd like to meet in person. Otherwise, feel free to email, text, or shoot me a message on any of the platforms linked in the sidebar.